minister for senior citizens

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הכלכלן 2018

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minister for senior citizens

המשרד לאזרחים ותיקים שלישי בשלייקס

A senior citizen reaches the age of retirement is 67 for men and 62 for women.

The State of Israel is treating issues of welfare and leisure time of senior citizens through the Senior Citizens organizing inter alia Tuesday up by suspenders and Health Rights Hotline for Senior Citizens. The firm is managed in a government ministry. Senior Citizens – are shown on this page Important phone, a third up by suspenders, Center for Public Relations of senior citizens, telephones and extraction rights

For inquiries rights through Senior Citizens Hotline 8840 Dial *

Hotline is a center for Public Relations and responds to requests of senior citizens and survivors. Hotline provides assistance related to the veteran civil rights, health, NII, housing, welfare, pension, retirement, consumerism, Entertainment and more.

Website of Senior Citizens

Call asterisk 8840

Receive discounts on public transportation Senior Citizens

Every senior citizen is entitled to a discount of 50% of the fare on public transport, urban and inter urban bus, train and tram Israel to return, and Taq assumption can be realized through an identity card but in the future there was a need to issue senior citizen card

 Employment for Senior Citizens through Senior Citizens

 The firm’s venture with the association and exclusion operators free service for senior citizens to help them find jobs in the volume of different jobs and employment issues in order to enable the completion of various income and a healthy lifestyle citizen older. Web site employment of senior citizens center or dial * 3196

Service tax refunds and finding money to senior citizen
Site Info Service economist. Free. Clarification about the money lost of seniors, retirement income tax returns and financial locating deceased can be contacted on our site professional counselor will contact you for further details

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